1999 Pontiac Grand Am Door Chime Always Dinging

1999 Pontiac Grand AM SE.
Engine Size : 3.4L
Question: i have a security light that sometimes comes on when i start the car ,i usually just turn the ignition off and restart and it's gone but this morning the car stalled and would not restart right away and the security light was blinking what causes this?

Answer: The most common thing to cause this problem in your cars theft system is what is called the "Passlock Sensor". This is part of the ignition key cylinder. This is where the car gets it security information form. When the Body Control Module (BCM) sees the correct Passlock Sensor signal, it tells the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) that it is OK to let the car start. A faulty key cylinder sends an invalid signal, so the car will stall and not start. Sometimes a theft relearn procedure will correct the problem for a while, but it will happen again. If your car has a non-factory remote starter, these have been know to cause problems with the cars theft system, and give this problem. I would suggest if your Pontiac has one of these, to get it removed before replacing any of the original system components in the car.

Question: The door chime on my 2001 Grand Am rings all the time. It's as if I left the key in the ignition. The only time it's not ringing is when the car is running. My battery ran down today. Is there any way to disable the chime? I looked in the book for a fuse to unplug but there were none. Please help ASAP!!! Also, this weekend after I washed the car while it was running nothing was registering. The gas gauge, speedometer, even the radio theft light was blinking as if the car was not started but I was driving it. Do I need to get a new car?

Answer: The chime staying on may be a problem with the key-in-ignition switch inside the ignition switch. You may want to try and spray a little WD-40 into the ignition cylinder and work the key in and out several times to try and release a stuck chime switch. But, with the other problems you are having, you may have a bad ignition switch itself, or possibly a Body Control Module (BCM). The BCM is under the passenger side of the dash, ans if there is water leaking into the car, it may have gotten into the BCM or its connectors. Green terminals on the connector would indicate water intrusion. This may explain why the other problems occurred after washing the car.

1999 Grand AM 3.4 V6 engine.
How do you reset and turn off the check engine light?

Answer: In order to turn off the light, you would need to have it repaired, or the light will come back after clearing if there is a problem currently present. If the the problem is intermittent, then you can disconnect the battery for a few minutes, of have one of the national parts store chains read and clear the codes.

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  • Guest - ANONYMOUS

    I just need to know how to fix the chime system. I have a 2004 pontiac grand am and it just stopped working. Its supposed to chime if you open the door with the key in, now no sound. Its supposed to chime when you first turn the key on 5 times, no sound, its supposed to chime when you press the door lock to get out and unlock it, no chime and its suppose to chime to remind you when its time to change the oil or you are low on gas, no chime. Please advise how to fix. Is it a fuse or relay gone bad? I have 3 fuse boxes. One on the left, one on the right and one under the hood. Also not chiming when the lights are left on and the door is shut. This all just stopped working last week.

  • Guest - bruce

    I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am. How do I fix my door chimes and what does it look like.

  • Guest - TechHeader

    In reply to: Guest - bruce

    There is no chime module on your Pontiac like in older cars. The chime is sounded through the left front speaker. The BCM (Body Control Module) controls the chime and tells the radio when to sound. If you have no sound, there is quite a bit a diagnosis to repair it. 1- does the drivers door speaker work? 2-do you have a non-factory radio? 3-have you checked all fuses. 4-possible bad radio, BCM, wiring ect.