2003 Chevy Malibu Battery Dead And Theft Problem

2003 Chevy Malibu.
Question: How do i disconnect the anti-theft, because i think it is draining my battery cause every time my car is in park the horn goes off without me touching it. what do i do to fix this problem. If it is not the anti-theft what is it?


Answer: There is no way to disconnect the factory anti-theft from your vehicle, or the car won't start. There are kits on the internet that disable the system. Do a search. You're going to have to get your car into a dealer to get checked out, but it's most likely a Body Control Module problem. If it needs replaced, it needs to be properly set up with a scanner and then the theft deterrent will be relearned. There's an outside chance you could have a bad ignition switch, or possibly a door lock assembly which has the door switch built into it or a loose or sticking drivers door lock switch. See if it feels loose or funny. This would cause the BCM to think the switch is being pressed when the car sits overnight, and would kill the battery. A technician can hook up a scanner and see if these are functioning properly.

Chevy Malibu Multiple Electrical Problems

2003 Chevy Malibu. Question: I have been having electrical issues: power windows won't roll up/down, headlights won't turn on/off, radio has delayed start, low fuel light comes on when i know there is plenty of fuel, and it is usually a combination of 2 or more of these things all happening together, never just one at a time. I am pregnant, scared to drive my vehicle now, and really need a cost effective way to fix it seeing as how i am about to have a new infant and need reliable and safe transportation. I don't believe that pass lock theft system has anything to do with it, I have been having issues with that since I bought the vehicle back in Oct 2009, and these issues have just started within the last few weeks.

Answer: You are right, these problems do not have anything to do with the Passlock system. That is just for theft deterrent to prevent starting the car. The issues you are having are electrical. They may all be related. One thing that is in common is the ignition switch. This feeds power to many of the cars systems. Also the Body control Module (BCM) plays a part in operating the windows, headlights and several of the gauges. A way to test the ignition switch is to cycle the key back and forth very quickly and harshly. This will sometimes cause a faulty ignition switch to correct itself. Or with the car running, tap on the head of the key with a small hammer or something similar. This may cause these problems to correct ot change in some way if the switch is faulty. Check that the battery connections are clean and tight. Aside from these basic checks, more diagnosis would be needed. A volt meter and schematic checking each circuit, checking ground wires under the hood and dash, manipulating wiring harnesses etc. would be the next step to look for a loose connection or other wiring problem.

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  • Guest - willie

    What special tools are needed to replace an ignition lock cylinder & housing assembly on a 1999 Chevy Malibu?

  • Guest - Tech

    In reply to: Guest - willie

    No special tools. Phillips screw driver and 7mm socket to get the trim around the radio off, and then remove the radio. A 10mm socket to remove the ignition switch assembly, then the ignition cylinder can come out of the housing. After re-assembly, a theft learn procedure will need to be done.