Chevrolet Equinox Has A Dead Battery

Dead battery on my Chevrolet Equinox. Replaced the battery 2 times in the last few week. After the truck sits overnight, have to get in jump started again. Charging system and alternator checked at local mechanic shop and tested good. What can cause the battery to go dead so much. I this a common problem or recall on the Chevy Equinox ? Have read other forums with people having same issue with the electrical system and having to get it jumped.


Answer: A draw on the system can be caused by any number of things. such as a light staying on, a module staying powered up, etc. Would need to test for what is called a parasitic draw on the battery. But, a common problem on the Equinox is a rear wiper motor causing the battery to go dead. When the motor fails,

it continues to draw current. With the key off, it constantly tries to park the wiper. Many times you will notice that the blade is n ot all the down in the park position. Or sometimes you can even feel the heat of the unit on the outside of the rear gate, next to the arm. The rear panel would need to come off, and be replaced. Sorry, no recall.

Radio Not Working In Chevy Equinox

2005 Chevy Equinox. Question: I just replaced the battery in my 2005 Chevy Equinox and now the audio on the stereo system will not work(no sound). The stereo turns on but there is no audio. What can I do to fix this?

Answer: Just replacing the battery should have no effect on the audio. The fuses must be good since it does turn on. It is possible that if the car was jump started- assuming this was done since you replaced the battery for some reason, that a spike has damaged the radio internally, or the amplifier- if it has one. If it does, then check the fuse labeled "Premium Audio" in the under hood fuse block.

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  • Guest - Guest- 2006 Equinox

    I have a 2006 equinox. First time car died I figured out it was the wiring in the driver side door jamb. Pretty easy to determine. You turn the car off remove the keys with the radio on. Open the door and the radio keeps playing. The door ajar sensor is not working or the wires are broken. Pulled back rubber boot and had to splice 6 or 7 wires back together. Car worked fine like that for 6 months. Recently went to car after work and car was dead. Jumped back to life went home pulled back the boot and one wire was broken spliced it after battery was fully charged turned car off. (had battery, starter and alternator checked and all good). next morning dead again. I removed the negative on the battery and used a test light. (lead on the negative pole and light grounded on the frame (be sure good ground spot)) This will require a partner to hold since the battery does not have a pole. I then pulled every fuse one by one to see if I could find a short in a component when the light came on. The light came on when I pulled the Powertrain fuse. Now my question is what does that mean. Is the PCM bad or are the wires into it shorting? If anyone has any ideas I would like to hear them?

  • Guest - Maryepps

    My Chevrolet equinox will not run

  • Guest - ronkay

    I have 2011 Equinox and something keeps draining my battery. Ive replaced alternator and battery and a week later I have to get a jump???

  • Guest - Gmc

    Was about to purchase an equinox. I brough it home for a test and had to jumping it off two days in a row thinking a bout looking elsewhere

  • Guest - Judith Kittleson

    I will never know which car to buy! Every car I buy has problems and my husband complains about it. Today no power in the 2012 Traverse! Read these comments and suggested a new battery. He says no, the battery is only 4 years old, should last 10 years. Ok. Son jumps car from his Ford and Traverse starts right up. I left the key in the ignition for 2 hours. Did that drain the battery? Men and cars! Ugh!

  • Guest - Sherry

    I also purchased a 2015 equinox and battery dies constantly, I was told I must not have shut my door all the way. Five JumpStarts later and still can't find the problem!!

  • Guest - Shaqwana

    In reply to: Guest - Sherry

    Same here with a 2014, battery was replaced 11/2015 and now it keeps going dead again

  • Guest - Sherry

    In reply to: Guest - Sherry

    Sorry 2014, equinox!!

  • Guest - Mary

    I purchased a 2014 equinox and battery dies for no reason. This has been a issue off and on since I have had the car. I'm thinking of filing a complaint under my state's lemon law. Do I have any recourse as consumer, has anyone else filed a complaint to the BBB

  • In reply to: Guest - Mary

    If the battery goes dead overnight, then this is what is called a parasitic draw. Something is staying alive with the truck off and killing the battery. It could be something as simple as the glovebox light staying on, or a bad rear wiper motor (common) or a module staying alive. Have a mechanic check for a parasitic draw.

  • Guest - 2006 chevy equinox

    My headlights stay on after I remove the keys and lock the vehicle with the fob causing my battery to drain...I've removed the headlamp relay from the fuse box and the lights are still on...the only way I've found to turn them off is to disconnect the battery...does anyone have any ideas?

  • If removing the relay does not help, you still may have a bad headlight switch or even a body control module. The headlights are controlled in several different ways, not just the relay.

  • Guest - joel

    In reply to: me

    I had a bad headlight switch on mine.