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Chevy Cavalier Engine Noise And Won't Start

I have a 2005 chevy cavalier. I was riding around with very little oil if any and on a terrible tire that made my whole car shake! After a few times driving It like that I started hearing a rattling noise in my dash. I parked it and now it will not start. It tries to start but the entire motor shakes hard and it makes the initial start up sounds but wont completely turn over to start it.... everything inside still works.. ie radio, air, lights ect.

1998 Chevy Cavalier Stumbles and Running Rich

1989 Chevy Cavalier Z24 2.8 liter. Repairs for this problem: Replaced idle air control,throttle position sensor, cleaned out throttle body and plenum with spray cleaner,added sea foam to gas to clean injectors. Question: this car sit up not running for about 3-4 yrs,it will idle perfect but on acceleration it stumbles and dies,

2002 Chevy Cavalier Alternator Won't Charge | Car Won't Start

Problem with my 2002 Chevy Cavalier 2.2L four cylinder. I have a 2002 Chevy Cavalier that had an inoperable charging system. I replaced the alternator and the battery and there was no change. I soon found out that the alternator was not getting it's start signal from the PCM. I know this because I saw a diagram on the charging system and the red and gray wire that make up the connector come straight from the PCM.

2001 Cavalier 2.2 Engine Runs Hot

1. Car does not boil over, but runs approx 225-ish or higher (major div between 195 mark and 260 mark)

2. Checked sensor and gauge by dunking sensor in a pot of boiling water, gauge reads about 195 just after taking pot of water off the stove.

3. New Water pump (aftermarket - advance auto) 4. New T-stat (180 degree, advance auto says OEM replacement).

5. Removed radiator, flow checked fine. reinstalled.

Multiple Warning Lights and Radio Problems

2000 Chevy Cavalier. Theft light, Service engine light and sometimes check gauges... On the radio says local

Question = When i turn my key on sometimes the theft light, service engine, check gauges light comes on.. The radio also says local. I turn the key off and turn it back on and sometimes its OK

Chevy Aveo Has Noises Over Bumps

I have a Chevy Aveo and it has been making noise when I go over bumps. Something has to be wrong and after many trips to the dealer I just don't know what to do. The first time they said there isn't anything wrong with it. I brought it back and they replaced the strut mounts. Still had the noise, so again I went back.