How To Remove 1999 Oldsmobile Aurora Alternator

I have a 1999 Oldsmobile Aurora and am trying to replace the alternator. I have the it unbolted and the wires disconnected, but cannot get it out from under the car. What do I need to do to get enough room clearance to get it out? 4.0L V8 engine.

I removed the skirting underneath the car and have the old alternator unbolted and the wires unhooked. I have dropped the frame/crossmember underneath to try and get enough room to remove the alternator from the bottom, but right now I cannot even get it to that point as there is not enough room between the fan housing and the air conditioning compressor.
What is the best way to access the alternator and get it out from the vehicle?

Answer: By the book you are suppose to remove the radiator, but you can remove it without taking out the radiator.

It must come out through the top.
Remove the upper radiator cover. Then remove the fans. With a pry bar, you can slave the motor back a little a pull the alternator out through the top.

Olds Aurora Fuel Gauge Fluctuating

Question: I have a 1999 Old Aurora with 4.0L V8. A while ago my fuel gauge would start fluctuating when the below a 1/4 tank. Then eventually would only read empty. My fuel pump went bad and I replaced the whole module figuring it would solve my gas gauge problem too. It did not and my gas gauge still reads empty all of the time. How do I go about finding the problem?

Answer: As long as the new assembly has the level sensor on it, then sounds like you have a wiring problem. Reading empty is an indication of a short to ground in the level sensor wire(purple) If it were open, then the gauge would be full. Going to need to follow the purple wire from the sender, into the harness and find a short to ground. Pulling at the harnesses as you follow it and watching the gauge for fluctuation will give an indication to where the problem is.

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  • Guest - Tech

    Is the alternater actually charging the battery or not?

  • Guest - montrel

    I have an 1998 Oldsmobile Aurora 4.0. I just replaced the alternater, new battery, and troubleshoot the fuses and relays. The car still reads check charging system. I'm out of options. I called the dealership and no help what so ever. Please help. What should be done?

  • Guest - Wayne

    In reply to: Guest - montrel


  • Guest - Donny

    In reply to: Guest - montrel

    New alternator new battery. Still getting charge system warning