Misfire On 1998 Chevy K1500 Truck | Axle Boot Torn

Problem with my 1998 Chevy k1500 5L V8 305. Warning lights code P0134. My truck seems to maybe be misfiring. i have checked plugs, plug wires, crank sensor, and and coil.

  I was wondering if a bad 02 sensor could cause a backfire. when i accelerate i get what seems to be a backfire/misfire.  it does not happen all the time.  I was thinking it was maybe a back pressure issue but don't know how to test for that.

An oxygen sensor would not cause this. Do you know if it is one cylinder, or several?

Dont know, cant even determine where its misfiring from. When i downshift it back fires but unable to locate a bad cylinder. Seems to idle fine but when you accelerate and hit about 2500 rpms it acts up. Sprayed carb cleaner round the intake and does not seem to be a leak.

Answer: By what you describe, this does sound like an ignition component problem. Under load - acceleration, the ignition system is the most common problem area, since there is a heavy electrical load on the plugs and wires. Plug wires are the most common, as well as the distributor cap and rotor. To check for excessive back-pressure, you would need a gauge in the oxygen sensor holes. Or you could remove the exhaust at the manifold to pipe. But i do not think this is your problem. A plugged converter would give a very bad misfire, hesitation, lack of power.

Silverado K1500 Axle Problem

1991 Chevrolet K1500 Silverado. Engine Size: 350 h.o. crate motor.
Question: I have a three inch body lift with 33x1250x15 tires on ten inch wide rims. I have had to replace the passenger side CV axle three times in the past six months because the boot farthest away from the tire keeps developing a tear in it. The wheel hub assembly is also new. The axles don't ride in a straight line and are always at a slant down towards the hub. Is there a reason for this problem and why only the passenger side instead of both? How do I fix it? Thanks in advance for your time.


Answer: With a lift and these rims, the front end geometry if off. Not real familiar with such modifications. Contact company of the lift kit and see if they have a longer axle available. A taller tire would also help. Check the engine and transfer case mounts for being worn.

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