2003 Chevy Monte Carlo Turn Signals Do Not Work

Turn signal problem with my 2003 Chev Monte Carlo SS. 3.8 V6. Battery is dead. Checked Fuses.
I have a problem with the signals as they don't work.  No turn signal or 4-ways. Part 2 - I am getting the car back on the road after 18 months being parked.  I would like to know what I need to do to get it back on the road. Thank you, I look forward to communicating with you.

Answer: As long as all the fuses are good, then the most common cause for a turn signal and hazard light problem is a faulty hazard light switch. Or maybe it is unplugged. The hazard switch is also the turn signal flasher. The turn flasher and hazard flasher ar internal to the switch. You can remove the trim to make sure it is plugged in. If it is, then press the switch button in very slowly to see if the lights start to come on or flicker. Or press the switch in and out rapidly and harshly to see if the lights will act up. As for sitting so long- do an oil change, tune-up, coolant flush, check the belt, new battery, trans. fluid and filter.

Dash Panel Lights Dim

Question: My 2003 Chevy Monte Carlo instrument panel wont light up or is really dim. What can be the problem?

Answer: If they are not on at all, it could be a blown fuse. Be sure to check all fuses. Check make sure the dimmer slide control is not all the way down. If OK, this may be a bad headlight / dimmer switch. They tend to burn up inside. If you remove it, you may see burned terminals on the back of it, or it will smell like it is burned inside.

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  • Guest - Rick .P

    Just bought a 99 monte carlo. Stupid me didnt notice that the brake lights or blinkers or hazards didnt work. Fuse are fine flacher relay is fine. Any brake switch is hot. Any ideas

  • Guest - terry ferguson

    How do I fix loose tilt telescopic steering wheel in 1986 Chevy Monte Carlo? I removed steering wheel, did not see how to tighten up.

  • Guest - KK

    Great information for a Do-It-Yourselfer that hasn't done it before. Thank you. I'll probably have more questions for you in the future, as I am attempting to tackle some of the<br />more basic tasks myself.<br />Cheers.