There are many thing that can cause the engine to not crank over when turning the ignition key. Read the most common causes below.

A Dead Battery

Batteries can fail at any time. Sometimes there is no warning, others times you may notice that the car is turning over slower and slower over the course of a few days or weeks. This may be because the battery is getting weaker and weaker, or you may have a charging system problem.

Another cause could be that there is a drain on the battery when the vehicle is not running. If a component were to stay powered up over night, this would cause the battery to be dead in the morning. A faulty computer module, sticking relay, lights left on etc. could cause this. Although in today's cars and trucks, lights staying on is very rare since a module will detect this and shut the light (s) off automatically. A"Load Test" needs to be performed to check the ability of it to supply enough voltage and current to turn the stater.

Starter System

The starter is another part that can just fail at any time, as well as show signs of starting to go bad by cranking slowly, similar to a battery problem. To test a starter, a "Starter Draw Test" would need to be done. This test checks the current draw of the starter to see if it is the cause of slow cranking. If it does not turn over at all, and the battery tests good, then there are several reasons for this.

  1. A faulty Neutral Safety Switch- Also know as the Park / Neutral Switch
  2. A Theft / Security system problem
  3. Ignition Switch
  4. Corrosion or loose cables
  5. Blown Fuse(s)
  6. Bad starter / crank relay (if equipped)

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  • Guest - Charles

    I am working on my Mother's 2012 Ford Fusion. The starter spins and turns the belt and pulleys but the motor wont crank over. I am lost it acts like the flywheel is not engaging to turn the crank shaft. What can cause this? any information is appreciated.

  • Guest - Jamie Fairbotham

    I have a 1996 buick park avenue 3800 series II when we try to start it all it does is click and the alternator barely moves what could it be battery is fin starter is new alternator is new and a new crankshaft position sensor. PLEASE HELP

  • Guest - rana akhter

    My car chevrolet 2004 model with v6 3800 engine I changed my oil pump and restart it start but when I start engine wuickly get load and load as run then I off please tell me the resdons

  • Guest - Tom

    In reply to: Guest - rana akhter

    What the hell are you talking about. Speak English.

  • Guest - Bj

    2003 grand am sometimes it wont star I have to leave the key in the on position for ten minutes. Is there a fue for the security system

  • Guest - Tony

    In reply to: Guest - Bj

    This is a very common problem with what is called the Passlock security system. Do a search here for Passlock.Or go to this website...

  • Guest - brad

    Need to start a 2003 Chevy Silverado 2500 4x4.

  • Guest - russ

    Need to start a peretbuilt 2006, c-7 cat engine