2001 Oldsmobile Intrique Rattle In Steering Wheel

2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue Gx. I had all new brake work done front and back, rear shocks and struts replaced, tie rods and control arm bushings checked. They told me there were no safety issues. Now, however, I still hear an intermittent rattle in the front end. It can be felt in the steering wheel when it happens. It was most annoying on a recent 140 mile trip. What could it be?

Extensive repair work was done recently. Brakes, struts in rear, shocks in rear replaced, tie rods and control arms checked, visual inspection of suspension. I was told there is no safety issue on the car ,but there is obviously a rattle that they missed.

Answer: This may a noise from the intermediate steering shaft. Quite common for the what you are describing. This is the shaft that connects the lower steering column to the steering rack and pinion.

They show no visible signs of looseness or wear, but they make noise. It is not a safety issue. Not something that can just break. Just noisy. May want to have the shop that did the work put car in the air, turn wheel left and right, which will make the steering wheel turn, and feel for a sort of clunking or binding. Then disconnect the shaft and do the same and see if noise or feel went away. This would indicate a noisy intermediate steering shaft.

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  • Guest - travelice@free.fr

    hello i need belt diagrams for oldsmobile tornado diesel thank you1980

  • Guest - traci

    How do I replace the strut on the drivers side?

  • Guest - bill

    Had that shaft replaced a few times. This one finally lasted a long time and is under factory warranty.