Question: I bought an Oldsmobile Intrigue with 291,000 miles on it. I was told at the time that it would be fixed and was given a warranty for the drive train-but assured that it would run right. There have been consistent problems with the blinkers stopping or not working, the drivers window not working, and the worst of all codes coming up and it not running right.

They replaced the coil pack and still not right, they ordered another part-3 different times and it was wrong of course. They got the part and it still cuts out. I have been totally ripped off and now the warranty has run out. My son is taking the car to his father, who can probably fix it better. A gift card would certainly help with parts!!

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  • Guest - justin

    I replaced the starter and battery and my car still won't start. The crank won't turn over, it is like its in a bind. What do I do

  • Guest - Stan

    In reply to: Guest - justin

    If it sounds like the engine is in a bind, remove the belt and try to crank it. A locked up alternator or A/C compressor can cause the engine to not crank over.<br /><br />If that does not help, the engine may be locked up. With the belt off, use a socket and long extension on the crank pulley bolt to see if you can turn the engine by hand.

  • Guest - MechanicJK

    If you cannot turn the cylinder, you cannot get it out of the ignition switch. There is a way to drill out the lock tab and remove the cylinder. See pictures and instructions. It is for an Oldsmobile Alero, but same thing...

  • Guest - johnshoey420@yahoo.c

    i am repair/replace the lock cylinder on my 2001 oldsmobie intrigue but the key is warn down if you jiggeled the key up and down it use to work but now i can't that to work i got the new ignition any advice to get the cylinder out with out breaking everything