2005 Trailblazer Will Not Start After Sitting a Few Minutes

I just bought a 2005 Trailblazer Ext LTZ 4x4 last week, when i first tried it worked more than well and i decided to go ahead and buy it, when i finally pay for it i took it to home and after 30 minutes having lunch i came back to the Trailblazer and it didn't start.

Answer: Seems like you use the truck let say for an hour and if you stop for 30 minutes then try to start it again it doesn't work, if you let the TB about 30 minutes more it starts again.

This is now with the correct dealer but they are working based on what the ECM reports but for me seems like it could be the starter motor or gasoline pump, they have change an interrupter on the starter and also a relay, they clean the acceleration system and we still have the problem. Now they are working on the fuse box to replace it and see if it works, I'm just tired about not having the right answer. Can you help??

Answer: When the truck does not start, does it crank and not start, or is the problem that it will not even crank over ?

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  • Guest - Rick

    Injectors could be leaking after shut off, use a good injection cleaner

  • Guest - Baco

    We have the same issue with our 2003 Trailblazer. Code reader said it was the 02 sensor. We ordered a cheaper one thinking it would save money. It lasted almost a year with no problems. Last week we stopped for a little bit and it would not start. So ordering the expensive one to put in this week.

  • Guest - Travis

    I have a 06 GMC Envoy Denali 5.3 that will not start if it's hot out or after it has reach normal operating temp. I have replaced the throttle body, the ignition switch and the PCM. Still have the same problem not sure what else to do?

  • Guest - Tech

    Yes, it could be the fuse box. The fuse box serves to distribute power to many of the different systems in the truck. This may explain the problems you are having. It sounds that the starting problem is fixed with the new fuse box.

  • Guest - Tech

    OK. If the truck cranks, but will not start, then you either have a loss of spark, loss of fuel injector pulsing, or low - no fuel pressure. Just because the pump can be heard running, does not mean the pressure is high enough. Need to have the pressure checked when it is not starting.

  • Guest - Gustavo

    In reply to: Guest - Tech

    The dealer provided a different fuse box and is the one working right now. I just took the TB today and is working ok until now. I have been starting it every hour without a problem. My concern is that we need to wait for the original part because right know because of this different box, the AC is not working, I'm afraid to take it back for the change with the dealer.<br /><br />Do you think fuse box is possibly damaged, or this problem related to a different part?

  • Guest - Gustavo

    It cranks, but doesn't start.They have changed the switch and relay and seems like the gas pump is working ok.