Chevy Impala Thermostat Was Stuck

i have 2005 Impala the thermostat was stuck to where it would instantly overheat. I just filled up with water and antifreeze and a few miles down the road it went into limp mode then made a weird ticking noise like something was hitting the fans. Then the car shut off. I waited for it to cool, then added coolant and water, tried to start but it sounded like battery was going dead and wouldnt start. Now battery is completely dead. What do I do to get my car started again and running without overheating?

Answer: If the engine was overheating so bad to a point that you started hearing ticking, then it sounds like you may have damaged the engine. The noise of something hitting the fan was probably the lifters or rocker arms ticking because the engine got so hot.

You say when you tried to start it, it sounded like the battery was dead and now it is really dead. Are you sure the battery is the problem? Did you replace it? It the engine in your Impala got so to cause these problems, then something in the engine is warped or worse. Sounds like you are going to have to get it to a shop and have a mechanic take it apart to see what is wrong. It sounds like the engine is very damaged and may need to be replaced.

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  • Guest - Santia

    Well checked all fuses they were all good. Replaced thermostat. Hooked up battery charger and tried to turn it over and italmost started. Ill let you know what happens when ido get it started