2006 Chevy Cobalt Engine Locked Up after Oil Change

2006 Chevy Cobalt. Is there any service bulletins on The 2.2 ECOTECH oil filter gasket being cut, if installed Improperly? The O ring gasket severed during install 2 weeks later ran out of oil causing a rod to throw, but the canister did not leak after the oil change?

Answer: If the large O ring were to be cut or roll during installation, you would have an external oil leak right away. The small O ring on the tip of the filter being damaged would cause an oil pressure problem.


Answer: The only bulletin stated that if there is low oil pressure after an oil change, inspect that O' ring for damage caused by improper installation or being the incorrect filter. Have had a few do this after people changed there own oil or an oil change shop using a non factory filter. Some of the cheap filters had problems with this. Either because using the wrong filter, or it rips during installation.

The Service bulletin states...
"Oil filter misapplication may cause abnormal engine noise or internal damage. Always utilize the most recent parts number information to ensure the correct part number filter is installed when replacing the oil filter. Do not rely on the physical dimensions alone. Counterfeit copies of name brand parts have been discovered in some of the aftermarket parts systems. Always ensure the parts you install are from a trusted source. Improper oil filter installation can result in catastrophic engine damage and failure. "

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  • Guest - Beth

    My 2005 Chevy Cobalt did the same thing as above. A few days after getting an oil change done at one of those quick lube places, the engine started making some loud rattling noises and would barely run. The mechanic said the noises were caused by low oil pressure to the top of the engine. They removed the part that holds the oil filter and found that pieces came apart and said they got stuck in a passage that goes to the top of the engine. This blocked the oil from getting there causing lifters and valve noises so that maybe engine run real bad. They had to take cylinder head off and just clean up the passage where the piece of filter was stuck in. Mechanic put it all back together and engine was fine.