How To Bypass Oldsmobile Security

Question: I replaced the key and lock cylinder in my 2000 olds intrigue now it won't crank how can I bypass the security system?

Answer: You do not need to bypass the system. If you replaced the ignition lock cylinder, you now need to do a security system relearn or the car will act just as it did before the replacement- meaning you think the part did not fix the car.

Just search our site for the relearn procedure. We have many articles on the subject.

Olds Intrigue Security Light Stays On

My friend has a 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue. The key fob has been lost for months. Because there is no key fob, the security light stays on for 10 minutes. He is unable to start the car with the key until the security light goes out. Is there a way to reset the security system to bypass the fob? Thanks so much!

Answer: The security light on has nothing to do with the key FOB so that means,

a missing remote will not turn on the security / theft light warning. You most likely have a problem in the sensor, which is part of the ignition switch. See the link below for a relearn procedure that may help.

Theft Relearn

Also, if you have a non-factory alarm / re,mote start then you need to get rid of the system as they mess up the factory system when then go bad.

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  • Guest - Steve.

    I need to know if you clear 2 codes one gas cap and 2 oil light and now Won't start ? Why is it not starting normal I by passed the silinoid to manually start with a button but won't stay running ! Starts up but shortly dies like we turned key off but WE DIDNT !! ? WHATS the way to ohm out and what's the resistance supposed to ohm out at ???? Getting 11.54 at relay but I check relay one showed 1.2 and another showed 0.0543 Not sure how to test relays and wants the Corect way to test ! Changed them out with other 4 in total being there all the same circuit but still NOTHING ?‍♀️??

  • Guest - Steve.

    My son has a 2000 Oldsmobile intrigued he bought a diagnosis code identifier cleared 2 codes gas cap and oil light. His car will not start checked the ignition relay switched then around being there was 4 all together nothing worked bypassed the starter relay it starts up runs for about 5 second then dies like he turned key off. What is the deal with security feature I feel it's dropping the signal to the ignition due to the security light that stays on how can I figure out how to keep it running and how do I reset the security and put things back the way they were not the batt shows good starter shows good just not sure why I am not getting communication to close relay to silinoid to start bypassed helped it start but won't stay running I feel it's due to the fact he cleared coded and now security is not allowing it to start that's why I bypassed to begin with !! But now won't stay running fires right up runs then dies ! Also HOW do I check is relays are good or bad ? What's the resistance on a really I got one the crank ignition showing 1.22 and one other ignition relay showing a 0.0543 not sure what to do any more switched then all around and NOTHING no start lights dim on call to start ? It's not the starter cuz I have bypassed and it starts right up ! ???‍♀️