Rover 45 Brake Pads Worn and Caliper Sticking

Rover 45
Engine Size : 1.4l
Question: Greetings from UK. Hope you can help! A non-car specific question. I have new discs and pads fitted as one pad had worn down to nothing and the other one had only 1mm of pad left.

The cause was diagnosed as a sticking brake caliper. Is it okay to clean and re-fit a sticking brake caliper or should it be replaced?

Welcome UK !
If the caliper "piston" was sticking, then just the inboard pad would have been worn down to nothing. Since both inner and outer brake pads were worn down to nothing, I would think that the slides that allow the caliper to move freely along its mounting were froze. On some models of vehicles you can just free up the slides. Sometimes takes heat to do that. Other models the caliper would need to be replaced. It all depends on how the caliper works.

1997 Rover 216si
Engine Size : 1600
Question: when i start the car in the morning it idles ok and drives OK for a while and then sometimes when i stop at traffic lights and roundabouts the revs go into the 4000 at idle and sometimes when i stop at traffic lights it just stalls on me what could this be i have changed the accelerator unit but it hasn't changed.

Answer: This could be a computer problem. Have a scan of codes that may be stored. You could also have a loose wiring or ground problem. Try moving wiring harnesses around to see if you can get the problem to act up.

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