Tow Package Problem On 2002 Chevy Venture

2002 Chevy Venture Van. Added up graded rear shocks and a transmission cooler. Question = I would like to know what is in the towing package for my van. Also what can I do to increased the towing capacity from the 3500 to about 4500 lbs.

Can I add a heavy duty alternator to assist with this? Thanks in advance.

Answer: The towing package from GM, if equipped, includes a trailer hitch and appropriate wiring/connector to hook up trailer lights. Some packages added external transmission coolers as well. The towing capacity for your vehicle is 3500 lbs. with a maximum tongue weight of 300 lbs. I wouldn't recommend going over that, especially up to 4500 like you asked in your question. There will be excessive stress on the engine and transmission to tow such a load. Also, there is no frame under the van. The hitch bolts directly to the body/subframe and could easily be damaged if used past capacity. Adding a heavy duty alternator to your vehicle will not help or hurt either way. You don't need extra electricity to tow a heavier load. The factory alternator is sufficient to supply trailer lights, and electric brakes if you have them.

Chevy Venture Van Wobble

While driving Our 2004 chevy venture van we heard some clanking underneath the van it sounded like the whole car was falling apart. Then we felt the wobble towards the back. It felt like the van was falling off its axle. It wobbled in the back.

Answer: You need to get this van to a mechanic right away. A wobble can be something minor as a bad tire, but you say there was a clunk and it sounds like the van is coming apart? That is not good. Maybe the frame is rusted away. Get it looked at right away.

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