Geo Metro LSI Oil Dipstick Problem

Hi there. I have a question about the Geo Metro 1992 LSI 3 cylinder. Why would my oil dipstick not fit back into the reservoir? Last nite I was checking the fluids in the car and then when it came to oil checking, I had one heck of a time just in removing the stick.Then after I cleaned it, I couldn't (and still can't) replace it completely . It can only be replaced 1/2 way. Dip stick is not broken/no signs of rust.

Car sounds fine. What happened? I recently had the car smogged but I don't think that would have anything to do with it. Or would it? I thought that maybe the tranny dipstick was switched with it but this wasn't the case. Tranny stick had same problem. Dip stick is not bent but it hits metal 1/2 way down resevoir. Also, I believe that if I were to buy a new one,it too would not fit something metal has plugged up the stem and I have tried twisting the stick (like a lite bulb) as well as forcing it into place. I tried a coat hanger but found that it too is stopped 1/2 way but reaches the metal road block.
Have you any suggestions? I thank you in advance. 

P.S. The rubber belt next to it says that it is
on top dead center with engine off. Can I
even drive without a dipsticK? How do I check my
oil. Oil does not leak. 

This is strange. Sounds like the restriction is part of the dipstick has broken off. just under the handle, where the stick attaches to the handle, there is a plastic piece and seal that seals to the top of the stick. Sounds like it is stuck in the there. Use a flashlight to look down into it. You have to get lucky and get the tip of the stick into the slot of this piece.

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