2005 Buick Rainier Loud Noise in Front

2005 Buick Rainier

Engine Size : 3.0
Question: getting a loud humming noise from right front wheel when going over 40 curving towards the right. Change tire but didn't help.

Answer: This is a classic example of a bad wheel bearing hub. Since you rotated or changed tires, that is not the problem. When driving and turning toward the right; as in getting on or off the highway, the body is rolling to one side, and therefore the weight is shifting to that side. On right turns the truck body is rolling to the left. Since you are shifting the weight to the left and noise happens or gets worse, then the left front hub bearing is bad. Just the opposite when turning to the left. Another way to look at it is if the noise gets less, then the noisy hub bearing is on the side of the truck that the weight is being taken off of.

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